Easy Yet Elegant Holiday Hair-Do’s

November 9 2015

The holiday season is here and with it comes holiday events, get-togethers and galas. If your social calendar filling up, you may only have time for your favorite stylist as Salon d’Artiste to do your hair for those special or formal holiday parties. Here are a few hairstyles that are a hit for the holidays and easy enough for you to do quickly at home. Side-Sweep

  • This trendy hairstyle quick and easy to make and the result is stunning. Follow these steps at home yourself:
  • Begin by washing your hair with a good shampoo and conditioning. Start styling when your hair is wet.
  • Dry the hair by blowing air from the side that has less hair and away from your face.
  • Decide whether you’d like waves or curls for the evening.
  • If you have chosen to create waves, use hot rollers throughout your hair and then pull back to the side that has less hair. Secure the hair with a hair accessory or use hair spray.
  • If you chose for curls, then use large barrel curling iron, then sweep the curls over the shoulder and secure with a hair spray.
  • Lastly, to complete your look, use statement earrings that will draw attention and compliment your style.

Top Knot A top knot bun is simply made by placing a bunch of hair on top of your head as a knot. If you have at least shoulder length hair or longer, this is an easy hairstyle to do at home but will still show sophistication in your style.

  • Pull all your hair to make a high ponytail on your head and capture all the loose hairs by using elastic and a smoother.
  • Then divide your hair into two parts from then end of ponytail. Wind both the parts around each other in a circular fashion surrounding the base.
  • Use a ponytail holder to wrap the bun you just created.
  • Secure the knot from the base of the bun using hairpins that match the color of your hair.
  • Add hairspray to keep the bun neat all night.
  • Then secure the knot using hairpins from the base of the bun.
  • Finally add hairspray to keep the bun neat.

Half-Up Twist This elegant style is just a couple of simple twists and a few pins but the outcome is a striking look that will have heads turning.

  • Separate the hair using a fine-tooth comb at your crown and back-comb (tease) your hair towards the scalp.
  • Next, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to both cover the teasing and to smooth the hair.
  • Insert pins horizontally near your crown to secure the top section of hair.
  • Take a small section of hair in the front of one ear and twist is toward the back. Place it near the inserted pins to cover it and use another pin to secure the twist. Repeat on the other side.
  • Use a hand mirror to make sure all the pins are covered and stretch twists as needed.
  • Complete the look with a light hair spray that still allows movement.

Low Bun If you want a soft, romantic look that’s easy to do youself, then this loose low bun in perfect.

  • Tease you hair at the crown area.
  • Brush your hair towards the back.
  • Create the body of the bun by knotting the hair while pushing and pinning it to the head.
  • Use your fingers to loosen one side of the bun to create a smooth wave like effect to the side of the face.

Low Ponytail Although this is a very simple look, it looks elegant for a holiday party. This is the most universal of all hairstyles.

  • Brush out any knots in your hair by using a hairbrush or your fingers.
  • Hold at the base of the scalp and then use a hairbrush to further smoothen from your base of the ponytail to the hairline until it looks neat.
  • Use a hair tie or a band in one hand and grab the base of the ponytail inside it.
  • Twist the band and then keeping the band stretched, pull again the rest of the ponytail inside out.
  • Repeat the same step until there is no remaining part of the band that is wrapping the ponytail.
  • If you prefer a loose ponytail, leave it as it is. If you choose a tight ponytail, then divide the hair and then put the both sections away from each other so that the band comes close to your head.
  • Top it off with a decorative accessory.

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