Exfoliating Goes More Than Skin Deep

September 12 2017

It’s probably one of those things that everyone says they do regularly because it seems like the thing to do. But how often do you really exfoliate your skin? We’re not talking about a bit of a hurried scrub with a washcloth – we mean a bonafide exfoliating scrub. After you read about the benefits of removing that upper layer of dead skin cells, we’re betting that you become a true exfoliation convert.

Skin science tells us that we should be exfoliating at home a couple of times each week followed up with more intense sessions once or twice a month. Before you explain that your dry/normal/oily/sensitive skin couldn’t possibly require that much maintenance, read on. No matter what type of skin you have, it needs help shedding those dead skin cells that have bravely done their duty protecting your insides from the ferocious outside environment.

Exfoliating actually helps your skin build fresh, new cells that are healthy and strong. Your skin will be smoother, and any fine lines or wrinkles you may have will be much less noticeable. Encouraging this turnover of skin cells also means that any discolorations you may have, especially after a summer of fun in the sun, will be more likely to fade away as those damaged cells are replaced by healthy new ones. Removing the layer of expired cells also helps keep your pores from becoming clogged. And we all know that clogged pores are more prone to breakouts and blackheads. But clogged pores also look larger than they really are, and properly exfoliating can help them appear to be smaller.

Not all exfoliators are created equal however, and the best way to find out which to use for your skin’s individual needs is to pay a visit to the aesthetics team here at Salon D’Artiste. We’ve been on the forefront of day spa experiences since 1985. For an appointment, call us on 610.687.2020 or come see us at the salon at Eagle Village Shops at 205 Lancaster Ave. #2 in Wayne. Want to make an appointment instantly? Use our app – it’s available through the Apple Store, GooglePlay, or Amazon.