Fantastic Worry-free Tan You Can Feel Great About Year-Round

January 30 2020

What if someone told you that there is a safe and effective way to maintain a sun-kissed summer glow year-round without skin damaging UV rays? Would you believe them? 

No sunbathing or tanning beds required. Just the beach bronzed skin without the risk of burns. Is that even possible? Yes, it is with a full-body spray tan.

All Organic

We offer a tan you can feel great about. There is no need to worry about exposure to toxic chemicals. You can tan without fear because our spray tan products are all formulated with safe organic ingredients. 

Great For All Skin Types

Anyone can benefit from a spray tan no matter their skin type. Some people seem to tan by simply dreaming of the beach. Others appear to burn just looking out the window on a sunny day. If you belong to either of those two groups or anywhere in between, a spray tan will work for you.

Slimming Effect

It’s a well-known fact that wearing darker colors makes you appear slimmer. The same is true of your skin. If you’d like a quick confidence boost to kick in your motivation to keep going with your New Year’s resolution to slim down, a spray tan may be just the thing. Not only does it have a slimming effect on your appearance, but darker skin also helps conceal cellulite by giving the skin a seemingly smoother appearance.

No Exposure to UV Rays

We all know that exposure to UV rays from sunbathing and tanning beds is harmful to the skin. It increases our risk for skin cancer, causes premature aging, and often results in painful burns. Still, we skimp on the sunscreen and expose ourselves for hours in pursuit of a gorgeous tan. Spray tanning does not involve any ultraviolet light, and so will not damage your skin in any way. You really can have your tan and protect your skin too.

Instant Solution

Developing a deep, beautiful tan can take weeks of lying in the sun. Tanning beds shorten the time needed but still require several sessions. Even sunless tanning lotions can take several applications to reach the depth of color you want. A spray tan provides immediate results. Walk-in and choose your color and walk out with the tan of your dreams.

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