Get Your Skin Ready For Winter

November 27 2017

The holidays are just the start of it…winter. Before you know it all of the glitter and glam will be just a memory, and you’ll be bundled up head to toe in layer upon layer of warm clothing. Get your skin ready to face the harsh days ahead by booking a professional facial before winter can take its toll on you because there’s nothing like a good offense when it comes to cold weather.

It’s true – colder air is drier air, but it doesn’t stop there. That cold, dry air seeks out any little bit of moisture it can find and tries to steal it away. But then there’s also all of those overheated indoor spaces that rob what little hydration there is left. Given these harsh realities, your perfect winter facial will focus on gentle exfoliation and some serious hydration therapy.

Look for cold weather facial services that include enzyme peels. These are much less harsh than glycolic peels, and unless you have a particular need for them, you may want to leave out any heavy-duty exfoliation from your at home routine too. It’s still important to remove that layer of dead skin cells, but you’ll want to make sure you’re doing that as gently as possible.

As for the hydrating part of a wintertime facial, choose services that include products containing collagen and essential fatty acids. After you’ve gently removed that layer of dead skin cells, these will pump loads of moisture into those fresh, new cells. That means they’ll stay healthier for longer, and you’ll have great looking skin for longer too.

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