Help Your Skin Glow from the Inside Out

October 22 2015

When our mental and physical states are healthy, it’s reflected in our skin. Changing a few habits can help to give healthy, glowing skin in time for the holiday season. Here’s some holiday skin care tips to make a difference in the health of your skin. Beauty Comes from the Inside It’s true what they say. Beauty does come from the inside, so an unhealthy body usually shows as dull skin with a variety of problems. Give yourself a detox period to help eliminate all the toxins. One simple thing you can do is, in the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of lukewarm water with some fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The diuretic effect combined with the antioxidant effect of the vitamin C highly contributes to the elimination of toxins. Combined with moisturizing from head to toe will help to get your skin hydrated and glowing. A Balanced Diet is Important A balanced diet and an abundance of water can have amazing effects on your skin. Water not only helps to keep you, and your skin, hydrated but also is calorie-free and sugar-free without the risk of gaining weight. Saturated fats and refined sugars can cause metabolic changes producing several free radicals that are responsible for many negative things including giving your skin a dull look. A balanced diet brings out the best in your skin and body. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff We all know that stress levels go up during the holiday season, which can strongly influence the way your skin looks. You need to maintain a happy spirit without stressing over every little roadblock or detail. Take some time to breathe in the fresh air, which mentally clears the mind and helps your skin (and is good exercise). It’s important to take time out to de-stress, meditate, and oxygenate the cells. Skin Care Changes for Winter Besides balancing your inner “you” and body, you also will have to modify your skincare ritual for winter when your skin will need special attention. Moisturizing is absolutely necessary in the winter so be sure to get in the habit, each morning and evening, of applying a soft moisturizer that matches your skin type. Remember, your skin acts as the perfect barrier against external factors such as cold, wind and pollution. Using a milder exfoliator, scrub and exfoliate two times a week in order to remove dead cells that clog pores and suffocate the skin. The reward will be a luminous look. You shouldn't forget about your body, as you also need maximum moisturizing for the skin. One week before the holidays, exfoliate your skin with products based on seaweed and cinnamon, as it will help you remove all dead cells. Next, apply a lotion rich in minerals and vitamin E that calms and moisturizes the skin. Wintertime and cold weather can make some of us depressed and bring stress upon us that we normally don’t have the rest of the year. It’s good to take the time to check out our wide array of body spa treatments, facials and massages. For an appointment, we can be reached at 610.687.2020 or see us at the salon at Eagle Village Shops, 205 Lancaster Ave #2, Wayne, PA 19087. Want to make an appointment instantly? Use our app! Our app is available through the Apple Store, Google Play, or Amazon.