I’m Not Wearing Any Makeup. Or Am I?

February 22 2018

The makeup trend that never goes away is the fresh-faced, no-makeup look. Many women try to achieve the “I’m not wearing any makeup” look, and struggle with finding a makeup routine to perfect it. We’ll give you some tips below, or if you’d prefer you can schedule a makeup lesson with our skilled makeup artists. They’ll show what products to use and how to apply.

The first step is making sure your makeup brushes and applicators are clean. You’ll want to regularly wash them. Why should you be cleaning your brushes? The buildup of your foundation and powders can be rough and scratch your skin, it’s an irritant to sensitive-skin. Your brushes are also absorbing your natural oils, this causes bacteria to build up on your brush. For bristle hair brushes, hold the head of the brush down at an angle under lukewarm water and gently clean with 1-part olive oil to 2 parts dish soap.

Yay, you have clean, dry brushes to work with now! Before applying any makeup, you’ll want to clean your face and apply your favorite lotion. Let the lotion soak in 5-10 minutes before applying your makeup. Next, you’ll want to apply the concealer. Apply evenly under your eye and to any blemishes. Depending on your skin, you can choose to use a sheer foundation, tinted moisturizer, or skip this step. These aren’t heavy foundations and will keep your face feeling light and not weighed down with makeup. Then apply a light powder to set the look, making it last longer without any creasing.

Just a few more steps! If you’d like a little extra color to your face, add a natural flush on your cheeks. Choose a light color so it appears natural, and apply it to the apples of your cheek, making sure to blend the edge well. If you have sparse brows, fill them in lightly and set with a gel. You can choose to apply a thin layer of eyeliner to your top eyelid for your eyes to appear more open. For your eyelashes, you can choose to curl them for the illusion of added length, and finish with a light layer of mascara. Finish with a lip-gloss shade that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone. The best shades are clear, light pink, brown or bronze.

Want help finding the best shades and colors for your skin tone? Schedule a makeup lesson with application, with our skilled artisans at Salon d’Artiste. We only carry the best products, and you’ll get a one-on-one lesson to learn how to skillfully apply your makeup. You can find us at Eagle Village Shops at 205 Lancaster Ave. #2 in Wayne, or call us at 610.687.2020. Want to make an appointment instantly? Use our app – it’s available through the Applestore, Google Play, or Amazon.