Nail It For Midsummer

July 13 2017

The fireworks were great, and that Memorial Day barbecue is now just a distant memory. It must mean that we’re into the midsummer doldrums. There’s probably not a lot on your schedule until Labor Day rolls around, but even if there is, you can take a few minutes to try out some new manicure colors that will take you into the remaining weeks of summer.

Bright red seems to be a perennial summer color, part sassy and part classic. It works with just about any wardrobe choice, and adds the perfect pop of color to your look. This summer you can take a riff on it by choosing something spicier, like chili red, or beachy, like a coral tone. If you’re feeling especially daring, choose an electric orange instead.

Pastels and nudes are also traditional summer nail colors, but this year we’re seeing a bit of a departure from them. Instead of a prim pink, why not choose a pale lilac instead? Look for one that’s closer to grey than purple for a subtle hint that you’re bucking the trend. That said, if you want to walk the line between pastel and white, choose an uber pale grey. It won’t be drab or dreary, but it also won’t jump off your nails the way a pure white may. Both of these options will work with just about any outfit or event you have in mind.

The break out nail shade this summer is a deep green. It works beautifully for those with reddish skin tones and it’s dramatic enough to make the transition from office to cocktail lounge. But if you really want to make a statement, rainbow glitter may be your best friend. Imagine if someone put that Candy Crush game into a bottle, and you’ve got the idea. Your nail technician can work with you to make it as bold or subtle as you want.

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