Perfect Brows With Microblading

April 30 2017

Your eyebrows are the ultimate supporting actor when it comes to presenting your style to the world. If they do their job well, most people won’t notice them. But if they mess it up, they’ll be front and center for all to see. Great eyebrows will frame your face and pull together your entire facial ensemble from lips to eye makeup and even your hairstyle. Fortunately, microblading can help you get it right every time.

Microblading is a semi permanent solution to any eyebrow issue. It’s a more subtle approach than permanent makeup and the results are virtually indistinguishable from real hairs. It’s great for reshaping your brows or filling in gaps. It will give your brows definition in all the right places because the individual strokes are meticulously added one hair at a time.

The microblading process deposits pigments just below the surface of your skin, but that’s where any similarity to tattooing ends. The ink used in microblading is designed to fade gently over time until it vanishes completely. And the ink isn’t deposited as deeply under the surface as it would be with a tattoo. The implement used is also much more finely shaped than a tattoo pen giving you very realistic results.

Probably the best news about microblading is that it doesn’t require any daily upkeep. Your aesthetician may suggest a follow up appointment to double check the results, but depending upon your skin type and lifestyle, you can expect the results to last for a year or more. And that’s the real beauty of the technique. Because skin changes over time, the semi permanent nature of the procedure lets you adapt it to fit your changing look as needed.

Microblading is just one of the many services we offer here at Salon D’Artiste. And our team of highly trained stylists and aestheticians can answer all of your beauty questions, too. They will make the best style and care suggestions to perfectly match you and your lifestyle. For an appointment, call us on 610.687.2020 or come see us at the salon at Eagle Village Shops at 205 Lancaster Ave. #2 in Wayne. Want to make an appointment instantly? Use our app – it’s available through the Apple Store, GooglePlay, or Amazon.