Putting a Brave, Protected Face on during Fall

August 29 2016

You probably had a fantastic summer, and you were very good about wearing sunscreen and reapplying it regularly. But now the temperatures are falling, and your skin is crying out for something more. No worries – here are some tips to help you keep up your skin care routine as the seasons change. First things first. You’ll need to take care of any summer sun damage your skin has suffered. You’ll want to add a product containing retinol to your regimen to help with any dark spots or freckles that popped up over summer. Your pores probably also need some attention after a warm summer. So look for peels, serums or hydrators that contain salicylic acids to thoroughly clean them and reduce their size. Cold air doesn’t hold moisture as well as warm air does, and the cool temperatures of autumn will try to rob your skin of it, too. The simple solution is to add more moisturizing products to your skincare routine. And not just for your face; the skin covering your whole body is probably crying out for more moisture. Cooler temperatures also tend to slow down the circulation in your skin. A great way to address this, and all of the concerns mentioned above, is to get a professional facial treatment at the salon. The deep hydration, exfoliation, extraction and circulatory benefits your cosmetologist can give you will get you and your skin on a healthy track for fall. The team of highly trained professionals here at Salon D’Artiste is ready to help you with all of your skin care needs this fall from personalized facials to great after care advice. For an appointment, we can be reached at 610.687.2020 or see us at the salon at Eagle Village Shops, 205 Lancaster Ave #2, Wayne, PA 19087. Want to make an appointment instantly? Use our app! Our app is available through the Apple Store,Google Play, or Amazon.