Take Care of Your Hair This Summer

July 15 2019

As the summer temps inch higher and higher, we think it’s a good time to talk about summer hair care. Summer is a unique season in hair maintenance, because we tend to spend more time outdoors. From the increase in humidity causing frizzy hair, the water from pools and the ocean drying it out, to the strong summer sun fading your color, we have a lot stacking up against our hair right now. Most of us can’t go running to the salon every time we have a hair problem, so today we’ll talk about our top tips for summer hair care. 

Cover up. Wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair when you spend lots of time outdoors. Not only will this provide extra UV protection, it will also help your scalp to retain important moisture. A hat can reduce the damage caused by wind and protect your hair color from fading in the sun as well.

Loosely braid. Loose, messy braids are a great way to keep your hair under control while also minimizing sun exposure. Braiding or styling too tightly can pull and tear your hair, especially if it’s already dry from the summer heat.

Moisturize. Heat from the sun and styling tools, salt water, and swimming pools all dry out your hair. While you could certainly try to avoid all of these things, that might put a bit of a damper on your summer fun. Instead, keep your hair ultra moisturized with specialized products to help return hydration so you don’t have to hold back during your activities. Your stylist can recommend the perfect products to keep your tresses looking their best.

Protect from chlorine. This is essential, especially if you have blonde hair. Chlorine can cause blondes to turn a shade of green that you probably didn’t bargain for. To avoid this and other issues, rinse your hair with fresh water before jumping into the pool. Your hair will soak it up and leave less room for the chemical-laden pool water. After your swim, shampoo and condition as soon as possible to ensure the chemicals don’t sit on the hair for too long.

If you need some additional TLC for your hair this summer, allow us at Salon d'Artiste to help you find the products that will benefit your the most. Call us at 610.687.2020 to schedule your appointment or take advantage of our mobile app to schedule at your convenience. Download it for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.