Thinking About Short Hair? Let Us Convince You

August 10 2018

Long hair is pretty, but it is also very time consuming. Every long-haired girl has considered getting super-short cut once or twice, right? Short hair is lighter, easier to style and super trendy. We know that big hair changes can be scary, but sometimes it is just what you need to mix things up and love your hair again. If you are not totally convinced, keep reading to discover the benefits of short hair.

You will look older. There is nothing wrong with having a youthful appearance. But if you are in your late teens or your twenties, you may want to look a bit older. A “grown up” cut like an angled bob will definitely give you a more mature look. There’s a psychological benefit, too: when you look older, you are perceived as being more responsible. That will definitely give you an edge in class, at your internship, or at your next job interview!

You will save time. Short hair is way easier to maintain than longer hair. Since you have less hair, everything in your hair care routine will be reduced. You will use less product. It will be faster to wash and dry. And styling will be easier, too! That leaves you more time in the mornings to do other things, like apply makeup, eat breakfast… or sleep in! Gone are the days of achy arms when you’re holding up a blow dryer. Your short hair is simply easier to take care of than your long hair ever was.

You will look trendy. Short hair is in right now, and for good reason. So many celebrities have made the cut that you will have a wide range of inspiration pics to choose from. You can go for an edgy, angled cut like Rihanna. You can try out a picture-perfect bob like Taylor Swift. Feeling adventurous? Look to Katy Perry’s boyish cropped cut. The possibilities are endless!

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