Threading at Salon d’Artiste

September 15 2019

When you think about eyebrow grooming, you no doubt think about the pain that can accompany it. The most popular methods of eyebrow maintenance, waxing and tweezing, certainly come with their fair share of pain, but there is a lesser-known way to keep your brows in check that can offer some relief! It’s called threading, and this method has become increasingly popular recently, in part because it can be far less painful than other services while offering the same lasting results.
Another reason eyebrow threading is so popular is because it is 100% natural. The only tools your technician needs are a few twisted cotton threads. If your skin is sensitive, they may use a touch of aloe vera gel as well, but there are no chemicals or substances involved.  Dermatologists even consider it to be the safest hair removal technique. The threads will grasp only your hair and pull it directly out of the follicle. Since nothing is touching your skin directly, there is no risk or infection or skin damage.
Like eyebrow waxing, threading pulls the hair directly out of the root. This means that the results will last for about 4 to 6 weeks, about as often as you would get waxed. Regrowth depends on how fast your hair grows. Feel free to touch up with tweezers between appointments if necessary.
Before you race over to Salon d'Artiste to get your eyebrows threaded, there are some things you should know. First, don't say goodbye to waxing completely. Experts still recommend waxing for larger areas, like your legs. Threading is better for smaller areas where precision is needed. Also, hold off on putting makeup onto freshly-threaded areas. This could clog the open pores where hair used to be and lead to blemishes or irritation.
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