Trending Hairstyles for Spring

February 22 2017

It’s that odd time of year just now – not really winter but definitely not yet spring either. And you may be feeling a bit trapped, for lack of a better word. You’re bored with the same old, same old but it’s just too early to jump ahead full on into spring. That’s where these hairstyle trends will come in handy. They’ll help you bridge this transitional time and keep you sane at the same time. Plus, most of them are actually quite simple to pull off.

Beginning on the shorter end of the style spectrum, this is the perfect length for experimenting with the wet look. This will be a big trend for all lengths, but it’s especially simple to pull off for short bobs and pixie styles. Just goop it up and comb it back. That’s it – easy done. Another simple switch up for short hair is to add some bling. A couple sparkly embellished bobby pins holding back your fringe, and you’ll have a whole new perspective on life.

For medium and longer styles, halfway waves may be just the ticket. Keeping the top part straight and natural, add messy waves beginning just at the top of your ear, and tuck them behind your ear for a naturally elegant look. If you’ve got full on curls all over, embrace them and let them take the lead. If you absolutely must rein them in, just tuck them behind your ear or use a sparkly hair accessory to do the trick for you.

Up-do’s will only go half way up this spring. The half-up takes just the top part of your hair above your ears leaving the rest to fall naturally like a veil behind you. If you want to take it all up, indulge in a high pony at the crown of your head and wrap the elastic with a small section of hair to hide it. This will work with just about any fashion you have in your closet from ball gowns to jeans and t-shirts.

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