Trending Men’s Haircuts: The Fade and Undercut

April 13 2018

Stylists are always creating new and amazing styles, not only for women, but men too. We’ll discuss two popular men’s hairstyles that are trending now. If you’re timid about styling a new do’ at home, be sure to let your stylist know. They’ll gladly show you tips on how best to style, as well as, which products are best for your hair type.

The Fade
If you’re looking for a modern hairstyle, then the fade haircut is a great one to choose. It’s been growing in popularity, it’s when the hair fades from a longer length to shorter, and ‘fades’ into the skin.

There are many types of fades, the high fade and low fade. A high fade is where the fade begins high in the sides and back, then the hair tapers down the neck. A low fade is where the fade starts near the ears and neckline and has a barely noticeable taper. If you’re looking for a conservative look, you’ll want to have a low fade.

The Undercut
This hairstyle ‘undercuts’ the hair on the top of the hair. The hair on the top of the head will be longer in length and then the hair is buzzed short on the sides of the head and the back. This haircut may be confused with the fade, but with the undercut the hair is cut the same length.

Some of the popular undercuts are with a slicked back style, which is a sophisticated, sharp look. A side sweep, is a traditional side part, but offers a modern style when paired with the undercut.

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