What’s On Tap For Fall Hairstyles?

July 31 2017

It’s true that you’ve probably just gotten into the swing of summer. You’ve got your warm weather routine down pat and you’re having a blast. Excellent. But it’s never too early to think about what you’ll do with your hairstyle when the weather turns cooler because like it or not, it’s slowly but surely coming your way.

In keeping with the overall hairstyle theme for 2017, this fall will see more vintage-but-better styles for just about any length. Beginning with the summer fave of mermaid hair, this fall you can keep your much-loved waves but make them looser and more subtle. For some added drama, combine them with a slicked back wet look at the root while letting them flow out behind. Another switch up is to add a couple of vintage bun twists on either side of a middle part for a partial updo.

This leads nicely into the next big theme for fall, double texture styles. Combine a smooth, sleek look at the crown with a lot of volume and texture at the bottom. To get this look, pull the front and top of your hair back into an uber sleek pony, and then let it flounce out where it meets the rest of your hair. Another way to achieve this look is to opt for French or cornrow style braids that end in fluffy poufs below the elastics that secure them.

As for updos this fall, you’ll see a lot of new takes on the messy bun. Adding some volume at the crown keeps it from looking like you woke up late while leaving a few strands to trail brings a more romantic look. Best of all, this look can be quick and easy to achieve. Pull your hair into a ponytail, divide it in half and just twist each section, one at a time, around the base of your pony. Pin it and go.

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